Away on a break
13th October 2017
From 14th October - 25th October we are taking a break and going to be in Exmoor with very limited internet connection so we may not be able to respond to messages and we will not be able to fill any orders. Please bear with us until we return when normal service will be resumed.
Thank you!
Gallery Clean up!
23rd August 2017
To avoid any print price increases we have reluctantly taken the decision that, with the exception of our hunting images, we can only leave event galleries on the website for limited time - currently one calendar year. This is due to the increased expense of running a website and in keeping with most other event photographers who often only store images on their sites for 6 months or even less.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
18th April 2017
Just to inform everyone that we will be away from home from 20th April until 1st May so there will be unfortunately be an unavoidable delay in any print orders we receive until our return. Thank you for your patience in this! We will try and keep an eye on our emails but are in a very internet challenged area of Exmoor so it can be a bit trying!
See you all soon.
Sue and Joe.
Away on a break to Exmoor
11th October 2016
Just to let everyone know that we will be away for 10 days on a break in Exmoor so will not be able to get any orders done while we are away. We will be keeping a check on everything but internet connections are very poor where we are staying.
Our cats are looking forward to extra cuddles from our house sitter while we are away - they get thoroughly spoilt be her so won't want us to come home!
Look forward to catching up with how the Anchor Exmoor Herd are doing and hoping to track down the little foal we saw back in April that was only hours old. We will also be doing a lot of stag watching on the moors while we are there hoping to get some shots (they are in my dreams but you never know we might get a special one some when). We will share it with you if we are lucky enough to.
Exmoor bound
01st October 2015
Just to let everyone know that we are taking a weeks break to head off to Exmoor, hunting and Stag watching (fingers crossed the rut has begun)so please bear with us for any delays in processing your orders. We will get back to work with orders 12th October and we are at RDRC dressage 11th October. Will hopefully be posting a few updates on our facebook page while we are away. See you all soon.
The most popular photo we have taken?
24th March 2015
We just cannot believe how many likes one photo posted on the Countryside Alliance Facebook page has had - to date Scarlett Edge and Julian have had 77,053 likes on their photo that we took of then riding along the track to Littleton Farm. It has been shared all around the world by 22,175 people and has had over 4,000 comments on it!! How popular is one little girl and her pony? Thank you Countryside Alliance.
Archived Photos
16th March 2015
All photos from the 2013 - 2014 hunting season for CLCH have now been archived. If anyone should want to view photos from a particular meet please let us know and we can find them for you.
26th April 2012
We had a great day at the kennels today taking photos of hounds that are going to hopefully be "adopted" for the following season. They were all in such good form and incredibly playful. Good fun!
18th March 2011
Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to send comments on the website. We are continuing to add photos to the gallery and hope you are enjoying them. If you should wish to order any prints please e mail us via the contacts page. We will be pleased to hear from you.