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Country Sports CLCH
Bangers and Mash, Horn Blowing and Holloaing 2018 portfolio Children's PC Ride and Meeting Hounds Auugust 2017 portfolio
Grafton 15 portfolio CLCH Puppy Show 2017 portfolio
CLCH Team Relay and Gate Jumping 2017 portfolio CLC Hunt Ball 2016 portfolio
Childrens PC Ride and Meeting Hounds 25/08/16 portfolio CLCH Bangers and Mash, Horn Blowing and Holloa-ing 2016 portfolio
CLCH Meets portfolioThe following seasons meets are archived but, if required, we can still access photos for you from them 2010/11,
2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16
CLCH at Peterborough - Festival of Hunting 2015 portfolioSome of our memories from the Festival of Hunting - we were very proud to see how beautifully behaved the CLCH hounds were and how well they did competing alongside the large packs. We enjoyed our first visit to the festival.
All of these photos are straight fro camera and unedited.
CLCH Parade at Goodwood Road Racing Club 72nd Member's Meeting portfolioWhat beautiful weather for such an historic event - CLCH really do have the most incredibly well behaved hounds - they must have wondered what an earth was going on... a trot up and down the tarmac - no trails...well done Sage and Tim a credit to you both. Horses were brilliant to! CLCH Tumblers Party portfolioA selection of images from the CLCH Tumblers Party at Cowdray Hall 19th July 2013. A fun evening of good food, fine weather, entertaining Masters and excellent company.
Many thanks to all the organisers and helpers who created another memorable CLCH event.
CLCH HOUNDS portfolio CLCH Ball 2012 Petworth House portfolio
Charity Events
Alphapet Animal Fun Day and Dog Show 2017 portfolioAll photos on this portfolio are straight out of camera and unedited - if any are ordered to be printed out they will be cropped and edited as necessary. Lavant Charity Horse Show 2017 portfolio
CLCH Sponsored Ride at Cowdray 2017 portfolio 
Equestrian Events
Sonia Champagne Ride 2016 portfolio CLCH Hunter Trial at Iping Oct 2017 portfolio
Solent Riding Club Dressage at Bow Lake Sept 2017 portfolio Adult Camp at Fair Oak Sept 2017 portfolio
Pony Club Area 13 Horse Trials 16th July 2017 portfolio Polo at Cowdray 2017 portfolio
Shetland Pony Grand National portfolio Adult Camp at Fair Oak Sept 2016 portfolio
Bow Lake Equestrian Centre Events portfolioAll of Bow Lake Equestrian Centre Events will be in this gallery. South Downs Harness Club portfolio
Cowdray Pony Club Events and Camps portfolioThis Portfolio contains Portfolios of all the Cowdray Pony Club Events and camps we have attended.This portfolio contains all of the events held at Lavant House Stables. Please select the event you wish to view and then select sub portfolios from there.
Petersfield Pony Club portfolio Rogate and District Riding Club portfolioRogate and District Riding Club Events that we have attended are all listed and available in this gallery.
South of England Show Ardingly portfolioSouth of England Show at Ardingly - Hound Parade in Main Arena, Scenes from parade of farm animals, horse drawn trade turnouts, working pony class. 
Goodwood Kennels
All Goodwood Kennel Events will be displayed in this portfolio under the event title.
Kennels Dog Show 2017 portfolio Beagles Meet at Goodwood Kennels portfolio
Dressage Demonstration portfolio 
Montage Examples portfolioA collection of your favourite images can be produced as a montage - images can be presented, as in Badminton example, on a complimentary background image, or with all images merging together.
It is recommended that the minimum size is 12 x 8 to show them at their best. Montages can be for any number of images depending on the overall final image size required.
Prices vary according to number of images used in the montage and overall size of print.
12 x 8 (typically 5 images blended or presented on a complimentary background as in the Badminton 2011 example).
Photo Editing Examples
A selection of images that have been edited/enhanced/altered to customer requirements. They show the before and after images.
Some of the editing can be very time consuming so will be reflected in the overall cost. If you have any of your own images, digital or "old school", that you need retouching, altering etc, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
The images in these galleies are not for general sale and are used as examples only.
Equine Events portfolio Dogs portfolio
Countryside, Wildlife, Flora and Fauna
Wildlife portfolioCurrently all wildlife photos on here, with the exception of our native wildlife, is of captive animals at zoos/conservation parks. EXMOOR portfolioI think this has to be my favourite place to visit - so beautiful. Britain at its best - wonderful wildlife to treasure and scenery that is so changeable; sit there and enjoy the peace while you watch the changes in colours over the moors - incredible. We are lucky in Britain with so many wonderful areas of varying countryside the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, Lake District, Scotland etc. So many places to get to and not enough time to do it in!
Photo shoots
This portfolio contains photo shoots - some may be password protected at our clients request.
Daniel Winett portfolio Bosham Minis portfolio
Lucy, Doug and Finn portfolio Flynn and Moss Sept 2017 portfolio
CT and bucking shots portfolio Hugo & Ziggy portfolio
Pip Shoot portfolio Liza and Leo Photo Shoot portfolioA very informal and casual shoot with not the best of weather conditions, very showery but we all still enjoyed it.
Amy and Bronnie portfolio Bertie and Scooby portfolio
Jim and Louise portfolio Katy Tom & Jacob portfolioA few of the shots taken at Katy & Tom's house. No post production work has been done on the images they are as taken.
Chester and his mates. portfolio Buster Photos portfolio
Storme, Mark and Oliver Sept 2017 portfolio