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Bangers and Mash, Horn Blowing and Holloaing 2018 portfolio Children's PC Ride and Meeting Hounds Auugust 2017 portfolio
Grafton 15 portfolio CLCH Puppy Show 2017 portfolio
CLCH Team Relay and Gate Jumping 2017 portfolio CLC Hunt Ball 2016 portfolio
Childrens PC Ride and Meeting Hounds 25/08/16 portfolio CLCH Bangers and Mash, Horn Blowing and Holloa-ing 2016 portfolio
CLCH Meets portfolioThe following seasons meets are archived but, if required, we can still access photos for you from them 2010/11,
2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16
CLCH at Peterborough - Festival of Hunting 2015 portfolioSome of our memories from the Festival of Hunting - we were very proud to see how beautifully behaved the CLCH hounds were and how well they did competing alongside the large packs. We enjoyed our first visit to the festival.
All of these photos are straight fro camera and unedited.
CLCH Parade at Goodwood Road Racing Club 72nd Member's Meeting portfolioWhat beautiful weather for such an historic event - CLCH really do have the most incredibly well behaved hounds - they must have wondered what an earth was going on... a trot up and down the tarmac - no trails...well done Sage and Tim a credit to you both. Horses were brilliant to! CLCH Tumblers Party portfolioA selection of images from the CLCH Tumblers Party at Cowdray Hall 19th July 2013. A fun evening of good food, fine weather, entertaining Masters and excellent company.
Many thanks to all the organisers and helpers who created another memorable CLCH event.
CLCH HOUNDS portfolio CLCH Ball 2012 Petworth House portfolio