Away on a break to Exmoor

11th October 2016
Just to let everyone know that we will be away for 10 days on a break in Exmoor so will not be able to get any orders done while we are away. We will be keeping a check on everything but internet connections are very poor where we are staying.
Our cats are looking forward to extra cuddles from our house sitter while we are away - they get thoroughly spoilt be her so won't want us to come home!
Look forward to catching up with how the Anchor Exmoor Herd are doing and hoping to track down the little foal we saw back in April that was only hours old. We will also be doing a lot of stag watching on the moors while we are there hoping to get some shots (they are in my dreams but you never know we might get a special one some when). We will share it with you if we are lucky enough to.